Lisa and the girls atop Mpandangare the Brave, our faithful Landrover Defender. Us finally arriving in my spiritual home, Botswana’s Central Kalahari, after 4 months of traveling through Southern Africa. This is one of the last places on earth where lions still outnumber humans.

My aim as an artist is to capture our times and my response to them.
To this end I have two distinct series:

[1] Flow Pieces (an ongoing journal)

I contemporaneously document my daily life – a visual journal capturing the news, music, data and conversations that surround me. These pieces fuse news headlines with song lyrics with random miscellany and maps and lists and the weather. I recorded the full Trump presidency in detail. I track financial markets, current affairs and wave conditions on the closest beach to me.

[2] Fundamental Pieces (snapshots)

These are descriptive, documentary-style snapshots and summaries: The full history of the US Supreme Court, close-ups of US Constitutional amendments, info-graphics of the US House & Senate, historical summaries, explanations of economic theories, navigation charts, natural history, etymology, tide tables, wildebeest migrations and Atlantic pressure systems…