Lisa and the girls atop Mpandangare the Brave, our faithful Landrover Defender. This is us finally arriving in my spiritual home, Botswana’s Central Kalahari, one of the last places on the planet where lions still outnumber humans, after 4 months of traveling through Southern Africa.

My aim as an artist is to capture these times and my response to them. My work takes the form of stream-of-consciousness compilations, inspired by the people, words and music that form the backdrop of my daily life.

I contemporaneously document current affairs, with a focus on the US. This relentless flow of information is captured by preparing in advance thousands of small paintings. Then, as the day unfolds, I add words to them, capturing the news in real-time, and build them in to final, larger-format pieces.

When I am not painting, I love being with Lisa and our kids, kitesurfing big Pacific waves, riding bicycles up and then down the mountains of Marin, making fires, playing with words, exploring the Kalahari, and hearing a good anecdote.

I hope all this is reflected in my work.