My first 20 years were spent in Africa, the next 20 in Europe, and the last 10 have been in California.

I was born in Johannesburg and studied law & economics at the University of Cape Town and the London School of Economics.

After graduation I joined the Global Equity Strategy team at Goldman Sachs in London. I later joined Credit Suisse’s proprietary bond-trading team. With a focus on monetary and exchange rate policy, I visited 36 countries in these roles.

After 6 years in financial markets, along with Lisa, we moved to Ile au Cerf in the Seychelles (population of 52) where we started our illustration licensing business Last Lemon. Through Last Lemon we have sold more than a million books in over 20 languages, and even have a New York Times Bestseller under our belt.

We’re currently based in Marin, just above San Francisco. I’m lucky enough to have also lived in Nice, Buenos Aires, Paris, Moscow and Oxford.

Instagram: ralph.lazar