2016/12: Lyle – guardian of humanity

Lyle is our Panglossian* compadre, making his mark across the golden Californiascape. This is an ongoing series.

I began making Lyles in 2015, back when the world was somewhat different. In those days, he felt more of a friend than anything else – smiling down on us as we went about our daily business.

These days Lyle seems to have changed. I see him more as a guardian, still watching, still smiling, but no longer passively. Lyle has become for me, a guardian of humanity – he’s here to remind us that decency still exists, but needs to be protected. We must not be complacent. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Pangloss (n): A person who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances.
Panglossian (adj). Named after Dr. Pangloss, Candide’s teacher (Voltaire- 1759).