[82] 2018/11: Crazytown (25-30 Nov 2018)

Completion Date: 30 November 2018
Medium: Paint & ink on cardboard
Dimensions: 30 X 40 inches

Through my Crazytown series, I document US politics in real-time. I create libraries of faces (boxes full of them), and mini paintings with no text on them, all ready to go. Then as the news unfolds, I populate the mini paintings with text, and so build the piece as events unfold.

* 25-30 Nov 2018
* Trump buries climate report he doesn’t like
* GM closes 8 plants
* Russia/Ukraine tensions rise
* Trump defends Russia business interests
* Michael Cohen pleads guilty to misleading Congress
* Pelosi wins nomination as House Speaker
* Bitcoin falls below $5,000
* G20 Summit begins in Buenos Aires