Crazytown (05-24 April)

Completion Date: 24 April 2019
Medium: Paint & ink on cardboard
Dimensions: 30 X 40 inches

Real-time documentation of life in the US

* Trump lawyers issue letter fighting tax return request
* Trump to migrants: “Can’t take you. Our country is full.”
* Trump Says Fed Should Cut Rates and Lift Economy
* Homeland Secretary Nielsen is out
* Nunes sending eight criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr
* A near-systematic purge of Homeland Security
* Attorney General William Barr testifies before Congress
* Barr declines to answer question of whether WH has seen Mueller report
* Trump Says the U.S. Is ‘Full.’
* Barr to investigate Democratic “spying” on Trump campaign
* Barr obliterates honest broker persona with ‘spying’ comment
* Assange arrested in London
* Trump’s Fed pick Moore is not a ‘big believer in democracy’
* Trump Says He Is Considering Releasing Migrants in ‘Sanctuary Cities’
* House Chairman: Treasury’s Concerns Over Tax Returns ‘Lack Merit’
* Trump campaign raises over $30 million in first quarter
* Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns. He’s Part of the 1%.
* Barr makes major reversal re asylum seekers
* Trump Vetoes Measure to Force End to U.S. Involvement in Yemen War
* Bernie goes on Fox news
* New York Times: DOJ discussed Mueller report with WH ahead of release
* Notre Dame in Paris is on fire
* Mueller report is out
* WH and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release
* Barr’s Defense of Trump Rewards the President with the AG He Wanted
* 338 pages 10% redacted
* 20th Anniversary of Columbine
* A militia is detaining immigrants at gunpoint at the border in New Mexico.
* Some Democrats calling for impeachment
* Nancy Pelosi trying to quiet the impeachment talk
* Looks like Trump UK visit is back on
* Stocks hit new record highs