[85] 2018/12: Crazytown (01-04 Dec 2018)

Completion Date: 05 December 2018
Medium: Paint & ink on cardboard
Dimensions: 30 X 40 inches

Contemporaneous documentation of life in the US

* 01-04 December 2018
* George Bush is dead at 94
* Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation
* US-China trade war: Deal agreed to suspend new trade tariffs
* Trump says he’ll force a 6-month deadline on Congress for NAFTA replacement
* Macron in crisis talk after Paris riotsTrump ‘right on the edge of witness tampering’
* David Attenborough: “The collapse of our civilisations is on the horizon”
* Climate chiefs warn ‘world at crossroads’
* SpaceX launches 64 satellites
* Roger Stone invokes the 5th
* There’s a “smoking saw”
* President Bush lies in State