[75] 2018/11: Presidential Harassment

Completion Date: 15 November 2018
Medium: Paint & ink on cardboard
Dimensions: 16 X 20 inches

Presidential Harassment

Donald Trump just co-opted a new buzz phrase he hopes will define the next two years in politics: “Presidential harassment.”

His jab at the tactics of the incoming Democratic House represents an early effort to spin a new era of investigations and oversight that is about to shake the White House as a power grab by his opposition.

Trump’s appropriation on Twitter of a concept first coined by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week, points to the critical nature of the fight the President must wage to safeguard his hold on power, one that will surely start to feel pressure as lawmakers return to Capitol Hill with newly-elected members in tow.

Trump’s comment is also a reminder to Democrats that any sign they are persecuting the President without grounds, or acting unfairly could harm them with moderate voters who swapped sides in the midterm elections.

Source: CNN – 13 November 2018