[26] 2017/10: Lockdown Drill

Completion Date: 25 October 2017
Medium: Paint & ink on board
Dimensions: 30 X 40 inches

Actual letter received from my kids’ school – October 24, 2017

“Dear XYZ Community,

Per our communication yesterday, we conducted our first Lockdown Drill of the year today. We had members of the XYZ Police and XYZ Fire Departments present. Following the drill, we got positive feedback from both agencies on how our students participated in the drill.

We believe these drills are extremely important in order to practice safety on campus. The key element of these types of drills is to process what we would do in a real-life situation. If there really was an active shooter on campus, one would need to consider if we would RUN, HIDE or FIGHT. Running to safety, if possible, is the best option. If not, the other two are key to saving lives.

This would be a good opportunity to have a family conversation on the topic. Here are general guidelines our staff reviewed with students today, prior to the drill. Click HERE to view our Lockdown Protocol, if you would like to use them for your own safety conversation. We recommend you discuss this protocol with your student and process with them what they would do in this type of situation, should it occur at school or any other public venue.