2018/09: Kalahari Crossing

Completion Date: 07 September 2018
Medium: Paint & ink on board
Dimensions: 16 X 20 inches

How to Cross the Kalahari

571 km. We did it in 5 nights during rainy season. Started in South. Khutse gate – Bibe 116 – Xaxa 107 – Xade – 57 – Piper 78 – Phokoje turnoff – 40 – Deception 60 – Matswere 35. Toyota Landcruiser 4.2D 79 chassis. Fuel tank = 80L + 60L long range tank + we had another 4 jerrycans on roof (20L each). Vehicle inbuilt water tank = 60L + we took an additional 5L drinking water per day. 2 spare tyres + 2 replacement diesel filters. 1 roof tent + 1 ground tent. Avg speed was 20kph. Deep sand first half and chassis hitting middle the mannetjie first 2 days. Plenty lone elephant bulls up until Xade. Usually walking the road. Plenty lions from Piper Pan northwards. Khutse to Piper Pan is an arduous slog and only worth doing if you’re crossing for the sake of it. Lots of cheetah from Letiahau northwards + occasional leopard. Saw no other vehicles first 200km. Sand ticks everywhere on the road. Problematic for tire changes. Best sites: Piper CKPIP01 – Deception CKK02 – Sunday CKSUN04. Best road out from Matswere = to Makalamabedi – R. Lazar ‘18