[52] 2018/09: Kitesurfing Dillon Beach

Completion Date: 09 September 2018
Medium: Paint & ink on board
Dimensions: 16 X 20 inches

Dillon has a large left break, frequently 2-3 times overhead in a NW. Only worth heading out if Bodega Buoy > 30 and Bodega Bay > 16. Main issue at Dillon is sharks as it is a red triangle hotspot. Rather don’t stay in the water for long. If it’s taking too long to get back to your board, advisable to body-drag back to the beach and wait it out. Best waves before and at high tide. Not great at low tide as gets flat. Best waves are 1 mile out, on edge of Shark Bank, but that area is sketchy even 2 hours after low tide as Tomales Bay has a lagged ebb, and you can get pulled out to sea if you drop your kite. There is a Coast Guard Training base halfway to Petaluma – helicopter can reach you in 15 mins – kiting with a gps beacon a good idea. The tagged great whites head far offshore (towards Hawaii June to September).