[512] October 2023

Completion Date: 05 November 2023
Medium: Acrylic + ink on paper, sealed with low gloss acrylic extender.
Dimensions: 28 x 21.5″

News Headlines from October 2023

One day per sheet. Sheets are either pages from Lord of the Flies, or pages from a 2012 Moleskine travel journal of mine.

01 Oct
Congress Narrowly Averts Shutdown as House Democrats Help Pass Stopgap Bill

02 oct
Medicine Nobel awarded to Katalin Kariko, Drew Weissman for their work in mRNA vaccine

03 Oct
Gaetz Moves to Oust McCarthy, Threatening His Grip on the Speakership

04 Oct
McCarthy Is Ousted as Speaker, Leaving the House in Chaos

05 Oct
Scalise and Jordan Announce Bids for Speaker as Vacancy Paralyzes the House

06 Oct
Opposition to Ukraine Aid Becomes a Litmus Test for the Right

07 Oct
Surprise Hamas attack on Israel

08 Oct
‘We Are at War,’ Netanyahu Says After Hamas Attacks Israel

09 Oct
Hamas Attack Raises Questions Over an Israeli Intelligence Failure

10 Oct
Israel Orders ‘Complete Siege’ of Gaza and Hamas Threatens to Kill Hostages

11 Oct
Israel Retakes Towns Near Gaza as Its Military Readies Major Offensive

12 Oct
Israel Forms Unity Government and Bombs Gaza in the Wake of Hamas Attack

13 Oct
Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Worsens as Israel Prepares a Possible Invasion

14 Oct
Israel Sticks to Call for Gaza Evacuation and Readies a Possible Invasion

15 Oct
Israeli Invasion Plans Target Gaza City and Hamas Leadership

16 Oct
As Israeli Invasion Looms, Diplomats Seek to Meet Gaza’s Dire Human Needs

17 Oct
Gaza’s Crisis Worsens Under Siege

18 Oct
Biden visits Isreal – 100s Reported Killed in Gaza Hospital blast

19 Oct
UK PM Sunak visits Israel

20 Oct
Deal lays groundwork for aid to reach desperate Gazans

21 Oct

22 Oct
UN says second aid convoy reaches Gaza

23 Oct
Israelis and Gazans flee amid warnings of wider regional war

24 Oct
Death toll climbs in Gaza as Israel intensifies airstrikes
Fourth Trump lawyer pleads guilty in Georgia

25 Oct
US House finally has a speaker
Israel demands UN chief resign over Hamas attack comments

26 Oct
Gunman kills 18 in Maine, prompting lockdowns and a sprawling manhunt

27 Oct
Israel says ground operation expanding as it intensifies Gaza bombing

28 Oct
Israel appears to have begun invasion as its troops press into Gaza

29 Oct
Mike Pence withdraws from 2024 presidential race

30 Oct
Judge reinstates Trump gag order in election subversion case
Israel sends more ground forces in to Gaza

31 Oct
Israelis advance in Gaza City. Netanyahu rules out ceasefire