[502] SILENCE – Global News Headlines April 2023

Completion Date: 2 May 2023
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

Global news headlines for April 2023.

01 April 2023
S&P500: 4,124
Bitcoin: 28,475
CO2: 422.69
FTSE100: 7,631
USD/GBP: 1.23
Fed Funds Rate: 4.83%
Biden: 42.6%

30 April 2023
S&P500: 4,169
Bitcoin: 29,252
CO2: 424.47
FTSE100: 7,870
USD/GBP: 1.26
Fed Funds Rate: 4.83%
Biden: 43.0%

01 April
Trump prepares to surrender in New York

02 April
Trump ramps up rhetoric as legal walls close in

03 April
Inflation fear as oil surges

04 April
Trump prepares for arraignment

05 April
Trump becomes first US president to be criminally indicted

06 April
Lebanese militants fire barrage of rockets at Israel

07 April
Israel strikes Lebanon and Gaza after major rocket attack

08 April
Chinese military rehearsing encirclement of Taiwan

09 April
China simulates hitting ‘key targets’ on Taiwan

10 April
US & Philippines hold biggest ever joint military drills

11 April
Interest rates likely to fall to pre-Covid levels, IMF predicts

12 April
Biden visits Ireland

13 April
Trump sues former lawyer Michael Cohen for $500m

14 April
US airman to appear in court over intelligence leak

15 April
Supreme Court keeps abortion pill available for now
Power struggle rocks Sudan as rival forces clash

16 April
Macron defies protests to sign pension age rise into law

17 April
Intense fighting in Sudan continues
FBI makes arrests over alleged secret Chinese ‘police stations’ in New York

18 April
Last-minute $787.5 million settlement in Dominion-Fox News case

19 April
Fox suit could embolden Dominion in its other defamation cases

20 April
Sudan fighting escalates

21 April
U.S. Says it will begin training Ukraine on Abrams tanks within weeks

22 April
US Supreme Court preserves abortion drug access

23 April
Foreign diplomats evacuated from Sudan

24 April
Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News

25 April
Biden launches 2024 re-election campaign

26 April
Zelensky holds first war phone call with China’s Xi

27 April
Germany deems youth wing of far-Right party an extremist group

28 April
Pence testifies about Trump and the Capitol riot

29 April
Russia attacks continue

30 April
Airstrikes in Khartoum as Sudan ceasefire falters