[501] State of the Union (US Headlines – March 2023)

Completion Date: 27 April 2023
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

US news headlines for March 2023. One per day.

Figure: Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Liberty.

Crown: Bears seven spikes (as per the Statue of Liberty) symbolizing the seven oceans and seven continents of the world.

Interstitial text: Random words from the US Constitution.

01 March 2023
S&P500: 3,950
Bitcoin: 23,697
CO2: 419.65
USD/EUR: 1.05
Fed Funds Rate: 4.57
Biden: 43.0%

31 March 2023
S&P500: 4,109
Bitcoin: 23,069
CO2: 422.51
USD/EUR: 1.09
Fed Funds Rate: 4.83
Biden: 43.4%

01 March
Garland promises free rein for prosecutors probing Hunter Biden

02 March
White House condemns efforts to stop pharmacies from dispensing abortion pills

03 March
The Trump world-Fox News war gets nasty

04 March
Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations

05 March
In Selma, Biden says right to vote remains under assault

06 March
Feds say Proud Boys associates fanned out to facilitate Jan. 6 breach

07 March
Florida Republicans seek ban on abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy

08 March
Trump’s CDC director says Fauci shut down debate on Covid’s origin

09 March
Trump invited to testify before N.Y. grand jury

10 March
Silicon Valley Bank share slump rocks financial stocks

11 March
Silicon Valley Bank fails after run on deposits

12 March
Biden expected to green-light major Alaska oil project

13 March
Chinese-brokered deal upends Mideast Diplomacy and challenges U.S.

14 March
Russian jet collides with US drone over Black Sea

15 March
Stocks fall sharply as bank fears consume global markets

16 March
DeSantis’ anti-woke law remains blocked in Florida colleges

17 March
House GOP ignored Capitol Police requests to review public Jan. 6 footage

18 March
Trump predicts imminent arrest, calls for protests

19 March
McCarthy pushes back against Trump’s calls for protests

20 March
Biden will release Covid-19 origin intelligence

21 March
Police prepare for Trump arrest unrest

22 March
Bolton says Republican party should “cleanse itself” of Trump

23 March
Judge sentences Jan. 6 defendant who breached Pelosi’s office to 36 months in prison

24 March
Lawmakers blast TikTok’s C.E.O. for app’s ties to China

25 March
Trump warns of ‘death & destruction’ if arrested

26 March
Utah’s social media restrictions won’t be ‘foolproof,’ governor says

27 March
California Democrats pass Newsom’s proposal that could penalize oil company profits

28 March
DeSantis leads Trump by 8 points in the early battleground of Iowa

29 March
Biden says he can’t do anything more to change gun laws

30 March
Biden steps up pressure on Fed to toughen rules for regional banks

31 March
Trump to be charged over a hush money payment