[499] Clarity – Global News Headlines from March 2023

Completion Date: 22 April 2023
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

News headlines – March 2023

01 March 2023
S&P500: 3,950
Bitcoin: 23,697
CO2: 419.65
FTSE100: 7,942
USD/GBP: 1.20
Fed Funds Rate: 4.57
Biden: 43.0%

31 March 2023
S&P500: 4,109
Bitcoin: 23,069
CO2: 422.51
FTSE100: 7,631
USD/GBP: 1.23
Fed Funds Rate: 4.83
Biden: 43.4%

01 March
Ruling party wins Nigeria’s presidential election

02 March
Fire knocks out half of Argentina’s power grid

03 March
China to increase defense spending 7.2% of GDP

04 March
Bakhmut: Fighting in the street but Russia not in control

05 March
Historic ocean treaty agreement reached after decade of talks

06 March
Belarus opposition leader jailed in absentia

07 March
France fuel deliveries blocked by pension strikes

08 March
Taiwan suspects Chinese ships cut island’s internet cables

09 March
Russia fires hypersonic missiles in new barrage

10 March
Silicon Valley Bank share slump rocks financial stocks

11 March
China elects Li Qiang (Xi Jinping ally) as premier

12 March
Biden expected to green-light major Alaska oil project

13 March
Chinese-brokered deal upends Mideast Diplomacy and challenges U.S.

14 March
Russian jet collides with US drone over Black Sea

15 March
Stocks fall sharply as bank fears consume global markets

16 March
France’s Macron to force through pension reform with no vote

17 March
Poland breaks with NATO allies by pledging to send fighter jets to Ukraine

18 March
China’s Xi to meet Putin in Moscow

19 March
‘Bombshell’ dossier ‘clears Boris’

20 March
UBS rescues Credit Suisse

21 March
US police prepare for Trump arrest unrest

22 March
Bolton says Republican party should “cleanse itself” of Trump

23 March
Macron admits pensions regret

24 March
French pension protests escalate

25 March
Trump warns of ‘death & destruction’ if arrested

26 March
Putin to station nuclear weapons in Belarus

27 March
Israel protests against justice system overhaul escalate

28 March
DeSantis leads Trump by 8 points in the early battleground of Iowa

29 March
Biden says he can’t do anything more to change gun laws

30 March
Prayers for hospitalised Pope

31 March
Trump to be charged over a hush money payment