[498] Elusive – Global News Headlines from December 2022

Completion Date: 15 April 2023
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

News headlines – December 2022

01 December
S&P500: 4,080
Bitcoin: 17,087
CO2: 415.95
FTSE100: 7,579
USD/EUR: 1.05
Fed Funds Rate: 3.08
Biden: 41.4%

31 December
S&P500: 3,839
Bitcoin: 16,571
CO2: 419.23
FTSE100: 7,451
USD/EUR: 1.07
Fed Funds Rate: 4.33
Biden: 43.3%

01 Dec
House panel gets Trump’s tax returns

02 Dec
Biden prepared to meet Putin to end Ukraine’s war

03 Dec
Price cap on Russian oil will hit Putin immediately – US

04 Dec
Iran says hijab law is under review

05 Dec
Ukrainian drones hit bases deep within Russia

06 Dec
Russia says another airfield hit by strike

07 Dec
China overhauls Zero-Covid policy

08 Dec
Germany arrests 25 suspected of planning to overthrow government

09 Dec
Russia swaps basketball star for “merchant of Death”

10 Dec
US says Iran now Russia’s ‘top military backer’

11 Dec
Ukraine strikes Wagner HQ in Luhansk

12 Dec
Spacecraft splashdown completes NASA’s Artemis I moon mission

13 Dec
Major Fusion Energy breakthrough announced by scientists

14 Dec
US inflation begins to cool

15 Dec
Prosecutors say FTX was engaged in a ‘Massive, years-long fraud’

16 Dec
House passes bill that could lead to statehood for Puerto Rico

17 Dec
Musk suspends journalist on Twitter

18 Dec
Deadly protests rock Peru following ouster of the former president

19 Dec
US military spending surges

20 Dec
Jan. 6 panel accuses Trump of insurrection and refers him to Justice Dept.

21 Dec
Despite mandate, I.R.S. delayed auditing Trump in office, House Panel finds

22 Dec
As Ukraine prepares for a second year at war, the prospect of a stalemate looms

23 Dec
US Senate Passes $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill, in Bid to Avert Government Shutdown

24 Dec
Jan. 6 Report Leaves Questions About What Happened in Trump’s S.U.V.

25 Dec
Putin finds fealty in Africa

26 Dec
Democrats, feeling new strength, plan to go on offense on Voting Rights

27 Dec
North Korean drones breach border, triggering alarms in south

28 Dec
U.S. scrambles to stop Iran from providing drones for Russia

29 Dec
Hard-Line positions by Russia and Ukraine dim hope for peace talks

30 Dec
Russian missile barrage staggers Ukraine’s air defences

31 Dec
Kyiv attacked on New Year’s Eve