[488] Mojo – News Headlines from January 2023

Completion Date: 01 Feb 2023
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

News headlines (and random thoughts) spanning the month of January 2023.

01 January
S&P500: 3,839
Bitcoin: 16,556
CO2: 419.23
FTSE100: 7,451
USD/GBP: 1.21
Fed Funds Rate: 4.33
Biden: 43.3%

31 January
S&P500: 4,017.77
Bitcoin: 22,824
CO2: 420.14
FTSE100: 7,784
USD/GBP: 1.23
Fed Funds Rate: 4.33
Biden: 42.3%

01 Jan
Lula sworn in as Brazil president

02 Jan
Russia attacks Kyiv with drones

03 Jan
Palestinian rage at Israel minister holy site visit

04 Jan
WHO: China under-reporting COVID deaths

05 Jan
McCarthy loses 8th US House Speaker vote

06 Jan
Deadly riots grip Mexican state after drug arrest

07 Jan
McCarthy wins House speakership after historic battle

08 Jan
China reopens borders to tourists after three years of Covid closure

09 Jan
Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazilian Congress

10 Jan
Brazilians stage mass rallies to condemn rioters

11 Jan
Russia showing more caution in Ukraine

12 Jan
Second batch of classified Biden documents found

13 Jan
Russia claims victory in battle for Ukraine salt mine town

14 Jan
Widespread outrage after British-Iranian executed

15 Jan
California battles deadly storms & more flooding

16 Jan
Italy’s most-wanted mafia boss arrested in Sicily

17 Jan
China’s population falls for the first time since 1961

18 Jan
Microsoft lays off 10,000

19 Jan
NZ PM Ardern to step down next month

20 Jan
Macron plans large rise in France defence budget

21 Jan
Chris Hipkins to be new NZ PM

22 Jan
More classified documents seized at Biden home

23 Jan
Germany to allow tank exports to Ukraine

24 Jan
7 die in another California mass shooting

25 Jan
US joins Germany in sending battle tanks to Ukraine

26 Jan
Israel-Palestinian violence flares

27 Jan
5 officers charged with murder in Memphis killing

28 Jan
Footage shows Memphis police brutally beating Tyre Nichols

29 Jan
Police unit is disbanded after Tyre Nichols death

30 Jan
Erdogan says Turkey may block Sweden’s Nato bid

31 Jan
Biden rules out sending F-16 jets to Ukraine