[481] Strange Days – News Headlines from September 2022

Completion Date: 26 Oct 2022
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 51 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)

News headlines (and random thoughts) spanning the month of September 2022.

01 Sept
S&P500: 3,955
Bitcoin: 19,955
CO2: 416.3
FTSE100: 7,170
USD/GBP: 1.16
Fed Funds Rate: 2.33
Biden: 42.4%

31 Sept
S&P500: 3,585
Bitcoin: 19,302
CO2: 415.67
FTSE100: 6,893
USD/GBP: 1.12
Fed Funds Rate: 3.08
Biden: 42,3%

01 Sept
UN inspectors arrive at Ukraine nuclear plant, despite fighting

02 Sept
Gun jams during bid to kill Argentina vice-president

03 Sept
Biden says Trump ideology threatens US democracy

04 Sept
G7 agrees to impose price cap on Russian oil

04 Sept
Trump calls Biden an “enemy of the state”

05 Sept
Gas prices soar 26% after Russia closes key pipeline

05 Sept
Liz Truss becomes UK PM

06 Sept
Judge grants Trump’s request for Special Master to review Mar-a-Lago documents

07 Sept
Putin and Xi to meet

08 Sept
US approves $2.6bn in aid for Ukraine and allies

09 Sept
The queen is dead

10 Sept
Charles III is proclaimed king

11 Sept
Ukrainian forces make rapid gains

12 Sept
Russians outnumbered 8-1 in Ukraine counter-attack

13 Sept
Higher-than-expected inflation sends markets tumbling

14 Sept
US inflation remains stubbornly high

15 Sept
Putin reveals China’s ‘concern’ over Ukraine

16 Sept
India & China pull away from Russia

17 Sep
Biden warns Putin over tactical nuclear weapons

18 Sept
Covid-19 pandemic ‘is over’ in the US – Joe Biden

19 Sept
Queen laid to rest at St. George’s Chapel

20 Sept
West condemns Russian plans for ‘sham’ Ukraine vote

21 Sept
Another large US interest rate rise

22 Sept
Court restores Justice Dept. access to Mar-a-Lago files

23 Sept
Global markets fall on inflation & interest rate worries

24 Sept
Russia steps up conscription in occupied areas

25 Sept
Far-right wins Italy election

26 Sept
Meloni to become Italy’s first female PM

27 Sept
Women at forefront of Iran protests

28 Sept
Total blackout for Cuba in wake of hurricane

29 Sept
Hurricane Ian bludgeons SW Florida

30 Sept
Putin declares four areas of Ukraine as part of Russia in illegal annexation