[446] Noise – news headlines from July 2022

Completion Date: 10 August 2022
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 42 x 59 cm (16.5 x 23 inches)

News headlines July 2022

01 July
S&P500: 3,785
Bitcoin: 19,562
CO2: 419.72
FTSE100: 7,157
USD/GBP: 1.21
Fed Funds Rate: 1.58
Biden: 39.0

31 July
S&P500: 4,130
Bitcoin: 23,750
CO2: 417.83
FTSE100: 7,423
USD/GBP: 1.22
Fed Funds Rate: 2.33
Biden: 39.4

01 July
Xi Jinping defends China’s rule of Hong Kong

02 July
Biden vows to protect women traveling for abortion

03 July
Russia takes key city in East

04 July
Drought emergency declared in northern Italy

05 July
Russia advances

06 July
Pressure mounts for Boris Johnson to resign

07 July
Boris Johnson resigns

08 July
Former Japanese PM Abe assassinated

09 July
Sri Lanka President to resign after palace stormed

10 July
Blinken presses China on Russian aggression in Ukraine

11 July
US$ continues to strengthen

12 July
Ukraine ramps up attacks on occupied regions

13 July
Petrol prices fall sharply

14 July
Sri Lanka’s fleeing president lands in Singapore

15 July
Sri Lanka swears in new leader after mass protests
Biden concedes climate defeat as Manchin and inflation upend agenda

16 July
Deadly wildfires spread in Mediterranean

17 July
Battle for E-Ukraine heats up

18 July
Searing heatwave hits SW Europe

19 July
UK hits hottest temperature on record, 40.2C

20 July
Russia expands war aims beyond E-Ukraine

21 July
Key Russian pipeline resumes pumping gas to Europe

22 July
Grain prices fall as Ukraine/Russia deal reached

23 July
Russian missiles strike Odesa one day after grain export deal agreed

24 July
Yosemite fire spreads

25 July
Russia to make further cuts in gas supply to EU

26 July
U.S. concern about China attacking Taiwan

27 July
Gas prices soar as Russia cuts German supply

28 July
Fed Funds rate hiked by 0.75%
US economy shrinks again sparking recession fears

29 July
Iran ramps up drone exports

30 July
Zelensky orders civilians to leave eastern region

31 July
Biden positive for covid again