[418] The Life & Times Of…(SPARK)

Completion Date: 02 March 2022
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches

News headlines and random thoughts spanning the month of February 2022.

01 Feb
S&P500: 4,515
Bitcoin: 38,491
CO2: 418.78
FTSE100: 7,464
USD/EUR: 1.12
Biden: 41.8

28 Feb
S&P500: 4,338
Bitcoin: 39,312
CO2: 419.63
FTSE100: 7,393
USD/EUR: 1.11
Biden: 40.5

01 Feb
Angry U.S.-Russia exchange at U.N.

02 Feb
Putin signals openness to diplomacy while blaming U.S. for crisis

03 Feb
IS leader Al-Qurashi killed by U.S. special forces in NW Syria.

04 Feb
2022 Beijing Winter Olympics start.

05 Feb
India surpasses 500,000 deaths from COVID-19 (3rd country after US & Brazil).

06 Feb
Queen Elizabeth II becomes first British monarch to reign for 70 years.

07 Feb
US will end Russia pipeline if Ukraine invaded.

08 Feb
Protests paralyse Canada’s capital

09 Feb
Masks come off in more states

10 feb
Australia lists koala as endangered species

12 Feb
A dozen nations tell citizens to leave Ukraine

13 Feb
Ukraine seeks meeting with Russia in 24 hours

14 Feb
Russia claims some troop pullback

15 Feb
Putin says Russia does not want war

16 Feb
Russian troop withdrawal claim false – US

17 Feb
Ukraine tensions spike

18 Feb
Artillery exchanges in E-Ukraine may presage invasion, U.S. warns

19 Feb
Ottawa police clash with protesters

20 Feb
Biden agrees in principle to summit with Putin

21 Feb
Russia recognises Ukraine separatist regions as independent states
Russia sends “peacekeeping” troops into E-Ukraine

22 Feb
Germany halts pipeline as nations sanction Russia
US unloads significant new sanctions on Russia

23 Feb
Russia attacks Ukraine

24 Feb
Russian forces push towards capital

25 Feb
Russia batters Ukraine with artillery strikes as West condemns invasion

26 Feb
Russia bombards Kyiv in renewed night assault

27 Feb
Ukraine agrees to talks with Russia

28 Feb
Talks fail
Fighting escalates