[397] The Life & Times Of…(MAGNETIC)

Completion Date: 18 December 2021
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches

News headlines and random thoughts spanning the month of November 2021.

Nov 01
Bitcoin: 60,949
Biden: 42.9
USD/EUR: 1.16
CO2: 413.93
FTSE100: 7,237
S&P500: 4,610
US deaths: 747,293

30 Nov
Bitcoin: 57,212
Biden: 42.8
USD/EUR: 1.13
CO2: 416.58
FTSE100: 7,059
S&P500: 4,585
US deaths: 777,639

01 Nov
World leaders, activists descend on Glasgow for COP26

02 Nov
Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Texas’s near-total abortion ban

03 Nov
Governors race in Virginia: Democrat ousted

04 Nov
Global carbon emissions near record High

05 Nov
Biden’s $1trn Infrastructure Bill Passes

06 Nov
Court temporarily blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate

07 Nov
Covid rates rising again in EU

08 Nov
Stay angry on climate, Obama tells young people

09 Nov
Poland says Putin masterminding border crisis
Capitol riot: Judge rejects Trump bid to withhold records

10 Nov
US and China in surprise joint climate agreement

11 Nov
South Africa’s ex-president De Klerk dies at 85

12 Nov
Huge hike in US medicare premiums

13 Nov
New global climate deal struck in Glasgow

14 Nov
EU to widen Belarus sanctions as border row grows

15 Nov
Russian anti-satellite missile test draws condemnation

16 Nov
Violence erupts on Poland Belarus border

17 Nov
State of emergency declared after Canada storm

18 Nov
Amazon sees worst deforestation levels in 15 years

19 Nov
House narrowly passes Biden’s $1.9trn social safety net and climate bill
Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges

20 Nov
Chile voters go to polls amid deep divisions

22 Nov
Olivia Rodrigo dominates 2022 Grammy nominations

23 Nov
Jury finds rally organizers responsible for Charlottesville violence

24 Nov
Germany introduces first new Chancellor in 16 years
All defendants guilty of murder in Ahmaud Arbery’s death

25 Nov
New Variant in South Africa displays a ‘Jump in evolution’

26 Nov
Variant alert from South Africa prompts rush to halt flights

27 Nov
As Omicron variant circles the globe, African nations face blame and bans

28 Nov
Will the vaccines stop Omicron? Scientists are racing to find out.

29 Nov
Omicron doesn’t carry some of the mutations seen with Delta

30 Nov
At least three killed in Michigan school shooting