[353] Illusion (01-30 September 2020)

Completion Date: 14 October 2020
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 20 X 32 inches

All components are drawn on acid-free mount-board, and then glued onto acid-free mount-board. Two coats of matte acrylic varnish are then applied.

News Headlines 01-30 September 2020

Ongoing stream-of-consciousness series that includes at least one major news headline for each day.

I am contemporaneously documenting current affairs through art. Every piece is numbered and goes into my book series, OF OUR TIMES. Volume 1 covers 2016-2019 and is on Amazon. This piece will feature in Volume 2, which will be available in January 2021.

01 Sept 2020
S&P500: 3,505
Bitcoin: 11,732
CO2 (PPM): 411.90
USD/EUR: 1.19
Trump Approval: 42.1
US cases: 6,189,570
US deaths: 187,431

31 Sept 2020
S&P500: 3,383
Bitcoin: 10,888
CO2 (PPM): 410.9
USD/EUR: 1.17
Trump Approval: 43.9
US cases: 7,459,200
US deaths: 212,034

01 Sept
* Trump visits Kenosha to back police after shooting
* Facebook & Twitter: Russia targeting US again with disinformation
* Trump wins another delay in turning over tax returns

02 Sept
* Russia opposition leader poisoned with Novichok
* CDC tells states to prepare for vaccines as soon as late October

03 Sept
* Facebook to freeze political ads 1 week before election
* Biden meets with Jacob Blake’s family
* Russia amplifying false claims about mail-in voting

04 Sept
* Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile ’10 times limit’
* Trump panned over reports he called US war dead ‘losers’

05 Sept
* Russian vaccine shows signs of immune response
* John Kelly, at center of report on Trump disparaging US soldiers, keeps silent
* Trump attacks ‘slimeball’ reporter in war dead row

06 Sept
* Key model predicts 410,000 US Covid deaths by Jan
* California wildfires rage

07 Sept
* Visa restrictions on foreign journalists in China
* Russia trying to sow doubt about integrity of upcoming US elections

08 Sept
* Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill

09 Sept
* More than 900,000 have died of the virus worldwide

10 Sept
* EU Brexit ultimatum to UK
* Trump denies he misled public about virus despite tapes
* 500,000 evacuated from massive Oregon wildfires

11 Sept
* US West Coast ravaged by fire

12 Sept
* Afghan-Taliban talks: Government calls for ceasefire
* Oxford University to resume vaccine trial

13 Sept
* Belarus opposition keeps up pressure on Lukashenko
* Israel announces 2nd virus national lockdown

14 Sept
* Trump fans flames of climate row in California
* Trump scorns science as fires rage
* Biden calls Trump a ‘Climate Arsonist’

16 Sept
* Trump again scorns science on masks and vaccines

18 Sept
* US to ban TikTok & WeChat downloads in 48 hrs
* Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead at 87

19 Sept
* Trump wants Ginsburg replacement ‘without delay’
* Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death reshapes the 2020 campaign

21 Sept
* Ginsburg Supreme Court: Republicans secure vote for replacement
* US Covid death toll passes 200,000

23 Sept
* Breonna Taylor officer charged but not over her death
* Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power

24 Sept
* Protests erupt over the Breonna Taylor decision
* McConnell promises an ‘orderly’ transition of power
* US cases > 7m

25 Sept
Amy Coney Barrett is Trump’s SCOTUS pick

27 Sept
* Trump’s tax returns leaked.
* Trump tax returns show chronic losses and years of tax avoidance

28 Sept
* Pelosi: Trump taxes are ‘national security’ issue
* Global Covid-19 death toll > one million

29 Sept
* Pure chaos at first debate
* Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists

30 Sept
* Rules on debates to change after Trump-Biden debate spat
* Proud Boys stand back and stand by.