[349] Heat (01-31 August 2020)

Completion Date: 05 September 2020
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 20 X 32 inches

All components are drawn on acid-free mount-board, and then glued onto acid-free mount-board. Two coats of matte acrylic varnish are then applied.

News Headlines 01-31 August 2020

Ongoing stream-of-consciousness series that includes at least one major news headline for the day.

I am contemporaneously documenting current affairs through art. Every piece is numbered and goes into my book series, OF OUR TIMES. Volume 1 covers 2016-2019 and is on Amazon. This piece will feature in Volume 2, which will be available in January 2021.

01 Aug 2020
S&P500: 3,271
Bitcoin: 11,342
CO2 (PPM): 413.9
JPY/USD: 105.8
USD/EUR: 1.17
Trump Approval: 41.2
US cases: 4,705,018
US deaths: 156,741

31 Aug 2020
S&P500: 3,505
Bitcoin: 11,732
CO2 (PPM): 411.90
JPY/USD: 105.9
USD/EUR: 1.19
Trump Approval: 42.1
US cases: 6,189,570
US deaths: 187,431

01 Aug
* GOP convention in Charlotte closed to press
* Trump says he will ban Tik Tok

03 Aug
* US firearms purchases skyrocket during pandemic
* Fauci: Schools and colleges can reopen, but safety should come first
* Hurricane Isaias makes landfall in the Carolinas

04 Aug
* Mail-in voting is picking up steam
* Trump on Covid death toll: ‘It is what it is’
* Trumps chief target right now is USPS
* Dozens dead and thousands injured in Beirut blast

05 Aug
* France records two-month high in cases
* Biden to accept nomination remotely over virus fears

07 Aug
* NYschool districts authorized to reopen
* Congress’ last-ditch talks on virus stimulus fail

08 Aug
* WH reached out about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore
* world surpasses 19 million virus cases

09 Aug
* Worrying rise in child virus cases

10 Aug
* G7 meeting postponed until after US election

11 Aug
* Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate

12 Aug
* Trump continues to attack postal service

13 Aug
* Trump promotes a birther lie about Kamala Harris

14 Aug
* Israel and UAE strike historic deal

15 Aug
* Postal crisis ripples across nation as election looms

17 Aug
* DNC holds virtual convention

18 Aug
* US stocks hit new high after coronavirus crash
* Biden is crowned as Democratic nominee

19 Aug
* DNC 2020: Kamala Harris savages Trump ‘failure of leadership’

20 Aug
* Russian opposition leader ‘poisoned’
* Steve Bannon arrested – border wall “fraud”
* Trump must turn over tax returns to D.A., judge rules again

21 Aug
* Biden vows to end Trump’s ‘season of darkness’
* Pandemic could be over within two years – WHO head

22 Aug
* Massive California wildfires

23 Aug
* Kellyanne Conway resigns as senior White House advisor
* FDA allows expanded use of plasma treatment

24 Aug
* Trump uses dark message to kick off RNC

25 Aug
* US cases are on the decline

26 Aug
* Two shot dead in third night of Wisconsin unrest
* RNC speakers emphasise law enforcement & military
* Trump challenges Biden to drug test before debate

27 Aug
* Republicans cast election as crusade against violent disorder

28 Aug
* Paralysed Jacob Blake handcuffed to hospital bed

29 Aug
* Clashes at rival Portland protests

30 Aug
* Trump and Biden trade blame over Portland unrest