[340] Trump Refuses To Order Americans To Wear Face masks

Completion Date: 18 July 2020
Medium: Paint & ink on acid-free mount-board
Dimensions: 20 X 32 inches

All components are painted on acid-free mount-board, and then glued onto acid-free mount-board. Two coats of matte acrylic varnish are then applied.

I made this piece to memorialise the breathtaking insanity of this for future generations.

As of today, 18 July 2020, the president of the US is refusing to order citizens to protect themselves from the virus. As Trevor Noah said yesterday, if the government can order us to wear clothes, they can order us to wear masks.

Excerpt from the BBC below.

US President Donald Trump has vowed not to order Americans to wear masks to contain the spread of coronavirus.

His comments came after the country’s top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, urged state and local leaders to be “as forceful as possible” in getting people to wear masks.

Wearing face coverings, Dr Fauci added, is “really important” and “we should be using them, everyone”.

The wearing of face coverings has become highly politicised in the US.

The majority of state governors have now ordered that the wearing of masks outdoors be mandatory, rather than a personal choice. Among them are Republican governors, including Kay Ivey of Alabama, who have reversed their initial opposition to the mandates.

Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Mr Trump said he didn’t agree with a national mask mandate, saying people should have a “certain freedom”.

Source: BBC (18 July 2020)