[297] Paradox (15 – 30 January 2020)

Completion Date: 02 February 2020
Medium: Paint on cardboard
Dimensions: 16 X 20 inches

15 – 30 January 2020

15 Jan
* Pelosi announces seven impeachment managers
* Last decade confirmed as warmest on record
* The entire Russian government is resigning
* House votes to send articles of impeachment to Senate
* Impeachment is now in the Senate’s hands

16 Jan
* Senate formally opens Trump impeachment trial
* GAO: White House ‘broke law’ by withholding Ukraine aid

17 Jan
* Trump adds three high-profile lawyers to his defense team
* Clinton impeachment investigators Kenneth Starr and Robert Ray, plus constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, are joining the Trump defense team
* Pompeo: State will investigate possible surveillance of ex-US ambassador
* New documents released on possible surveillance of ambassador

18 Jan
* Lev Parnas has shown us Trumpism from the inside
* Issues abound at 4th Women’s March, ‘but it all ties into Trump’
* Trump legal team dismisses impeachment charges

19 Jan
* Trump ‘can’t understand why he is impeached’
* President’s looming legal problems continue past impeachment
* Trump lawyers say impeachment charges ‘dangerous’

20 Jan
* NYT endorses Elizabeth Warren & Amy Klobuchar
* McConnell releases proposed impeachment trial rules

21 Jan
* Nadler says White House counsel should be recused
* Parties clash over how to run Impeachment trial
* Democrats accuse McConnell of “cover-up”
* Trump decries climate ‘prophets of doom’ with Thunberg in audience
* Democrats demand documents and witnesses

22 Jan
* Senate approves trial rules after bitter debate
* China locks down city at center of deadly virus outbreak

23 Jan
* US State Department will no longer issue temporary visas to visitors found to be traveling with the purpose of birth tourism

24 Jan
* Baghdad protesters call for an end to US troop presence in Iraq

25 Jan
* 10 Texas towns declared themselves “sanctuary cities for the unborn” by claiming to ban abortions.

26 Jan
* Third US case of coronavirus confirmed in Orange County
* Newly released video shows Trump demanding the firing of diplomat
* Bolton claims Trump told him in August 2020 of Ukraine military aid threat

27 Jan
* Dershowitz claims abuse of power is not necessarily an impeachable offense

28 Jan
* Bolton revelations could derail Trump’s hopes for quick acquittal
* China virus spreads
* WH Middle East peace plan gets major pushback

29 Jan
* Republicans move to block impeachment witnesses, driving toward acquittal
* Death toll rises as Coronavirus spreads to every Chinese region
* Trump attacks Bolton

30 Jan
* Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO
* Key senator to reject witnesses making swift end to trial likely
* US elevates China travel advisory to ‘Do Not Travel’