[294] Information Overload (01-15 January 2020)

Completion Date: 15 January 2020
Medium: Paint on cardboard
Dimensions: 16 X 20 inches

News headlines from the first 2 weeks of 2020

01 Jan
* US Embassy in Baghdad attacked by mob

02 Jan
* Top Iran military commander Qasem Soleimani killed by US in Iraq

03 Jan
* Iran vows “severe revenge”

04 Jan
* Iran’s Soleimani was mythologized among Shiites and loathed by US

05 Jan
* Iran Challenges Trump, Announcing End of Nuclear Restrictions

06 Jan
* Bolton willing to testify

07 Jan
* Pompeo again declines to show evidence of threat
* Impeachment festers as Washington eyes war
* McConnell says he will proceed on impeachment trial without witness deal
* Rockets hit Iraq base where US troops are located

08 Jan
* Ukraine passenger jet crashes after Teheran takeoff
* Trump backs away from further military conflict with Iran
* At the edge of war, US and Iran appear to step back

09 Jan
* US increasingly believes Iran shot down Ukrainian airliner by accident
* Trump vs. Iran – it’s not over
* Double helix of crises: Iran + Impeachment

10 Jan
* Pelosi alerts House to be ready for impeachment articles next week
* U.S. says it won’t discuss withdrawing troops from Iraq as requested
* Iranian missile accidentally brought down Ukrainian jet – US

11 Jan
* Iran admits to shooting down Ukrainian plane unintentionally
* Protesters in Iran call for Khamenei to step down

12 Jan
* Protests in Iran over downed jet

13 Jan
* US reverses China “currency manipulator” label
* Cory Booker out of race for Democratic nomination
* Iran denies shooting anti-government protesters

14 Jan
* Barr and Pompeo shift justification for Iran strike from ‘imminent’ threat to deterrence
* UK, France & Germany complain if Iran nuclear breaches
* Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay

15 Jan
* Pelosi announces seven impeachment managers
* Last decade confirmed as warmest on record
* The entire Russian government is resigning
* House votes to send articles of impeachment to Senate
* Impeachment is now in the Senate’s hands