[275] We’re on a Road to Nowhere

Completion Date: 25 November 2019
Medium: Paint on cardboard
Dimensions: 30×40 inches

Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings
18-22 November 2019

*18 Nov: Trump suggested firing impeachment witnesses
*19 Nov: White House attacks Vindman
*19 Nov: Vindman testifies – a patriot takes on his President
*19 Nov: A Purple Heart, Combat Badge and Ranger Tab: Vindman sends a message
*20 Nov: Sondland ties Trump, Pence & Pompeo to pressure campaign
*20 Nov: Sondland: “Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret.”
*20 Nov: Sondland: “Yes there was a quid pro quo.”
*20 Nov: GOP hits back at Sondland
*20 Nov: Democratic debate – great night for Harris and Buttigieg
*21 Nov: Russia expert warns GOP: ‘Fictions’ on Ukraine help Moscow
*21 Nov: Pressure rising on Bolton to testify
*22 Nov: At least 18 false claims in ranting Fox & Friends interview
*22 Nov: Russia inquiry review is said to criticize F.B.I. but rebuff claims of bias