[274] Well We Know Where We’re Going

Completion Date: 24 November 2019
Medium: Paint on cardboard
Dimensions: 30×40 inches

Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings
17-19 November 2019

* 17 Nov: Pelosi to Trump: “You have come into my wheelhouse”
* 18 Nov: Moderates seizing the moment in Democratic primary
* 18 Nov: House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller
* 18 Nov: Israel’s West Bank settlements do not violate international law says US
* 18 Nov: Supreme Court stops Trump documents from going to House
* 19 Nov: Volker admits he was wrong on Biden and Burisma
* 19 Nov: Tillerson swipes at Trump: “Using US assets as collateral is wrong”
* 19 Nov: Vindman: “I will be fine for telling the truth”