[251] Electrified Moats & Alligators

Completion Date: 24 October 2019
Medium: Paint on cardboard
Dimensions: 24 X 20 inches

Contemporaneous documenting of the Trump era (01 – 22 October 2019)

01 Oct: Shoot migrants’ legs, build alligator moat – Trump’s ideas for border
01 Oct: Trump says impeachment enquiry is a coup
01 Oct: HK protester shot
02 Oct: Trump calls Adam Schiff a “low-life”
02 Oct: Pompeo admits he was a listener on Zelensky call
02 Oct: Trump says whistleblower’s source is a “spy”
03 Oct: Trump publicly urges China to investigate Joe Biden
06 Oct: 2nd whistleblower comes forward
07 Oct: Trump announces special forces to withdraw from fight against ISIS in NE-Syria
07 Oct: US-Japan trade agreement signed
08 Oct: House announces it will subpoena Gordon Sondland to testify
08 Oct: Trump administration announces it will not co-operate with impeachment enquiry
09 Oct: Turkey invades NE Syria
11 Oct 19: US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, in defiance of WH ban, testifies
11 Oct: Pompeo defends president’s call with Ukrainian president
12 Oct: Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall in Japan
14 Oct: Trump announces sanctions on Turkey
14 Oct: Fiona Hill testifies for 9 hours
16 Oct: Syria meeting. Pelosi says Trump had a “meltdown”
16 Oct: Trump calls her a “third-date politician”
16 Oct: Kurt Volker & Michael McKinley testify
16 Oct: House of Representatives formally condemns Syria withdrawal 354-60 votes
17 Oct: Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, testifies
17 Oct: Mulvaney defend’s Trump’s decision to hold 2020 G7 summit at Miami golf resort
17 Oct: Pence & Erdogan agree cease-fire regarding Turkish invasion of Kurdish-held NE Syria
17 Oct: Acting WH Chief of Staff confirms quid pro quo
17 Oct: Energy Secretary Rick Perry announces resignation plans
19 Oct: 2020 G7 meeting will not be held and Trump golf resort Trump announces
21 Oct: Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party in Canada win narrow victory
22 Oct: US envoy says Trump explicitly tied Ukraine aid to enquiry
22 Oct: House GOP leader breaks with Trump over “lynching” comment
22 Oct: McConnell introduces resolution opposing US withdrawal from Syria
22 Oct: UK MPs reject Brexit timetable
23 Oct: Russia deploys troops to Turkey-Syria border