[224] You’re Breaking the Rules

Completion Date: 25 August 2019
Medium: Paint on card
Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches

“The rules!” shouted Ralph, “you’re breaking the rules!”
“Who cares?”

Line from Lord of the Flies.

This piece records week 3 of August 2019.

* Indonesia monsoon
* China typhoon
* N-Korea tests short-range ballistic missiles
* Moscow opposition protest the “largest for years”
* ICE raids continue
* Disgraced financier Epstein found dead in cell
* Environmentalists warn Trump ‘weakening’ endangered species protections
* Argentine peso and markets p lunge after shock vote
* Dow slides as bonds signal rising concern about growth
* Germany nears recession and Chinese factories slow in trade war fallout
* China describes Hong Kong protests as ‘near terrorism’
* Israel bars Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting
* AIPAC splits with Trump and Netanyahu, backs visit by Omar and Tlaib to Israel
* N-Korea rejects talks with S-Korea
* Mysterious Russian explosion – Skyfall
* Trump wants to buy Greenland
* Trump Accuses Jewish Democrats of ‘Great Disloyalty’
* A call with the president gets the N.R.A. results
* Trump cancels Denmark visit over Greenland sale spat
* Deficit will reach $1 trillion next year
* Trump lashes out at “nasty” Denmark after Greenland rebuff
* The Amazon burns