[59] Lyle/The Traveling Monster Show

The Traveling Monster Show featuring Lyle is currently making its way across the Californiascape. The herd will continue roaming until the end of 2020.

If you’d like a herd of Lyles in your public space, office lobby, gallery, wine farm etc, do read on.

To buy Lyles on line, the shop is here.


Lyles are two-dimensional wooden smiling monsters.
Some are solitary, but most prefer to move in herds from 10-50, and can grow up to 8ft tall. Wherever they go they tend to make people smile and feel a bit better about the world.

The website dedicated to their sightings, globally, is here.


I began making Lyles in 2015, initially just because I found him so sympathetic.

These days Lyle hasn’t changed, but the world seems to be mutating at a dizzying rate. Now he serves as more than a watcher, still smiling but no longer passive. Lyle is a guardian of humanity – here to remind us that decency still exists, but needs to be protected.


Lyle is getting out there into the world, with the simple aim of spreading his positive energy. I’m compiling a schedule of Californian locations where the herd can hang in 2018, inside or outside, for just a few days, or a week or two.

People love photographing themselves with Lyles, and his presence, solo or en masse is always a lovely social media moment.


All the herd needs is a flat surface and wall to lean against.
We’d bring them over, install them, and remove them afterwards.
Sizes are from 1 – 8 feet.
The herds can be in one cluster or scattered across a space or an office.

If you’d like to host a herd, please get in touch via the form below.